AFDS Aluminium Front Door – AFDS028

Our comprehensive AFDS range of designer entrance doors seamlessly fuse outstanding aesthetic appeal with state-of-the-art engineering, being meticulously constructed from carefully bespoke designed aluminium sections. This is combined with a Winkhaus German engineered precision locking system, from a standard 3-bolt hooklock right up to automatic locking. A sleek black 20mm low threshold comes as standard and we can add a 15mm threshold packer if more clearance is required at floor level. All door models incorporating glass include double glazed laminated safety glass, and the inside door face is plain without decoration as standard. Side and top-lights can also be added, which are also double glazed with laminated safety glass. Triple seals help to keep the very worst of our climate’s vagaries at bay. Together, all of this provides you with the perfect synthesis of beauty, technology, security, insulation, durability and exclusivity.
Quality designed to last a lifetime. We offer a comprehensive survey and installation coverage in Norfolk and throughout the UK. You can even choose a flat flush outer frame or an elegantly curved one. This combined with all our beautiful designs is sure to provide you with the flexibility you require, along with extraordinary levels of quality and remarkable aesthetics to suit your individual taste.
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Impeccable style, Impregnable security.
The AFDS aluminium doors can be made on an imposing scale, up to 1100mm in width and an impressive 2200mm in height, plus toplights and sidelights! In fact, with such an enormous range to choose from, even including French doors, it’s fair to say that there’s an Options AFDS front door to suit every kind of property.
The real beauty of these doors can be found in its engineering. Each door sash features subtle micro-adjustment devices in the head and base of the door to allow for fine tuning during installation. Our door is a substantial 50mm thick with no less than three layers of glass making it hardly surprising that every S-200 door conforms to RC1 levels of security and weathering, specified by the IFT Rosenheim Test Institute in Germany

Lower U-values, Lower energy bills
Just to get a little technical for a moment, U-values are used to measure how effective building products are in preventing heat being lost from inside a building. In a nutshell, the lower the U-value of a door, the more slowly heat can escape through it, which means the door provides better insulation so that less energy, and therefore of course less money, is needed to heat your home. Our AFDS range outperforms composite doors with U-values as low as 1.4 W/m2K (trust us, that’s pretty low!) Which means, to sum up, that these doors will both look great and keep you safe, reducing your domestic running costs and protecting the environment both inside and outside your beautiful new front door.

Options Available
• Choose from hundreds of RAL colours, in gloss, matt, metallic, dual coloured, or multi-coloured, along with wood effects and many textured finishes.
All our finishes are extremely resilient powder coated paint finish to guarantee colour stability, weather resistance and low maintenance,
• WINKHAUS entry guard and hooks – partially open the door to screen visitors;
A purpose designed extra locking system with integral guard bar. Far stronger than a flimsy door chain and it can be left permanently engaged. Provides perfect peace of mind when answering the door.
• WINKHAUS 5-Point locking system with hooks
• WINKHAUS Automatic locking system
Our ‘slam-shut’ lock, which throws all the hooks automatically as the door engages in the outer frame.
• Day-Latch – Easily enter without a key, until you need to lock your door securely by flicking a small lever
• Handles – choose from 3 stainless steel external bar handles
• Glass type – clear and obscure glass is available to complete your design.