It’s a very important part of your doors & windows – but do you know anything about the glass manufacturing process?
⚠ More than 90% of the glass on Earth is produced using the float process, also known as the Pilkington process after its inventor, Sir Alastair Pilkington.
Glass produced using this process is known as float glass or annealed glass and is made by floating a bed of poured molten glass onto a flat surface consisting of molten metal.
The float glass process revolutionised the world’s glass production ability more than six decades ago and is now responsible for the manufacture of more than 800,000 tons of glass per year.
After going through the basic annealing process, float glass is often used as the base for more advanced forms of glass, such as toughened or tempered glass.
⚠We use toughened (safety) glass as a minimum standard in all of our doors & windows, even where building regulations may not strictly specify it is needed.
⚠We have also selected only the very best glass manufacturers as our glass suppliers. We have selected purely on the quality of the glass units – as this is what matters to our customers at the end of the day! (And as luck would have it their service is also top notch 👌)
This as you might expect, means they are not the cheapest! But they smash (no pun intended…) the general requirements of the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) with their quality units.
Minor imperfections in glass are deemed acceptable & unavoidable in our industry, but we appreciate that our customers want the best quality they can get – and this is especially important when you have large glass doors/windows with a view that you spend lots of time gazing through!
Take a look at the text from the GGF guidelines in the images below…
You can be sure that at Options Glazing we will supply you with the best quality, and correct specification of glass to meet your requirements, including antisun glass and the ever popular in-glazed Venetian & pleated blinds.
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