Options 20 Venetian Blinds

A fantastic solution to control light and shade in your home – our In-glazed Venetian blinds are installed within the cavity of a double glazed unit. They can be installed in existing doors and windows, or into our new door and window frames.

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The Options 20 Venetian blinds are one of the original and best in-glazed Venetian blind products on the market anywhere. They have 14mm slats that are encapsulated into a 20mm glazing cavity and can be installed in to a huge variety of door and window products.

Our integral blind systems are the perfect solution to control light and shade in all types of windows and doors, and are especially popular in folding doors where other solutions can be problematic or completely unviable!

Integral blinds have so many benefits;
Cleaning & maintenance free
Totally hygienic
Child friendly
Protected by glass panes – they don’t blow around or get damaged
Help regulate energy consumption
Gives unrivalled solar control

Based on the technically superior ScreenLine integral blind system from globally renowned manufacturer Pellini, the Options 20 offers a choice of four mechanisms for opening and closing the slats – a cord control (with options for a knob and wand), a slider control, battery/solar powered and mains wired. The blind can be adjusted at any inclination and raised in all directions, making it an ideal system for attic, dormer and skylight applications.

All of our blinds are bespoke, as are the sealed double glazed units that they are installed in to. You can choose the specification of glass that you require from the usual argon gas filled, soft coat units, to a solar control, high performance easy cleaning solution. Among the glazing options available are Planitherm 4 Seasons and Biotherm self cleaning glass.

If you need an integral blind solution for narrow double glazed units (e.g to fit into sliding sash windows, or composite doors) then we also offer the OPT16 Venetian blinds with many of the same options available.

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