The OPT-LG is a slender but still very capable lift & slide door system. The panels are opened by turning a large handle to elevate the large panels up onto ball bearings, enabling them to slide effortlessly open and closed.
Manufactured bespoke to your exact requirements, panels can be very large and are well insulated for excellent U-values.

• Lift and slide system enables doors to be locked securely in any open position for ventilation, and the lift mechanism also ensures excellent weather seals for exposed locations when the doors are closed
• The elevating sliding gearing makes operation easy.
• Built in drainage system meaning the door is ideal for exposed locations whilst maintaining a contemporary and sleek aesthetic.
• Bottom track can be set level with the finished floor level allowing for a flush internal finish
• Continuous gasket rebate on both sides for improved sound reduction
• Water tight to 600 Pa, EN 12208
• Wind loading up to 1200 Pa, EN 12211
• Air tight up to 600 Pa, EN 12207
• Minimal effort is required to slide the panels open & closed
• Stainless steel track ensures smooth, quiet operation
• Minimal sightline of just 69mm on twin track doors, or 98mm on triple track doors
• Typical overall u value of 1.4 W/m2K
• Individual panels can take double glazed units up to 300kg
• Doors can be manufactured over 2500mm wide and up to 2700mm high


• Secured by Design approved – the panels are injected with a liquid component which sets rock-hard, making each panel light but as solid as concrete.
• Door gearing collapses and locks around the rollers, securing the panel in place.
• Interlocking aluminium profiles on neighbouring sliding panels
• Anti-lift blocks in the head of all panels
• Internally glazed
• Burglar-resistant to security class WK2
• Glass specification upgrades and in-glazed blinds also available

Key Features

• Panels can be manufactured up to 2500mm wide and 2700mm high
• Twin track outer frame with a depth of 160mm allowing for 50% clear opening
• Triple track outer frame with a depth of 250mm allowing for 66% clear opening, and up to 6 panels in total, sliding 3 to each side for an impressive opening to transform your property.
• All panels can be sliding
• Moving corner post available
• Full range of RAL colours available.
• Dual colour option – suitable for twin track only.
• Option for metallic textured finish.
• Suitable for commercial sized manual, solar and electric Uniblinds (depending on dimensions)
• Stainless steel handle offered as standard
• Full complement of doors, windows and roofs to suit