One thing we are often asked is “Can you install fully matching folding doors and windows?

The answer, Yes we can!

We have a complete range of aluminium windows, to match both of our aluminium folding door systems. There are 2 types of window available;

  • The continental style Tilt & Turn operation (where windows tilt inwards for ventilation, and can also be cleaned from the inside)
  • The more traditional UK opening out casement window (with side hinged, and top hung openings)

If you are looking for a complete glazing package for your project, consider our matching folding doors and windows…  Many folding door systems are ‘stand alone’ systems, without the other windows and single doors to match. With our systems, you can choose and design your windows exactly as you would like, and they will be made with fully matching profiles to your folding doors.

We are happy to provide free quotations for you for any options you are considering, to help you make your choice.

Options Glazing offers folding door installation in Norfolk and East Anglia area. We will work with your builder & Architect to ensure that you can find the best solution to meet your requirements – both in terms of specification, and also budget!