AFDS Aluminium Front Doors

AFDS Front Doors

Aluminium doors and windows have regained in popularity since the turn of the 21st century. Aluminium is now a hugely popular option for contemporary front doors.
It is widely specified by architects for high-end, luxury new build and refurbishment projects. Our aluminium doors require very little maintenance, just a wipe with a damp cloth when needed and a regular check to ensure they are kept free from grit and small stones. Powder coated aluminium is resistant to the elements and very durable.
We have 2 ranges of aluminium front doors that you can choose from –
This is the AFDS range and it includes our top of the range models, with a thicker insulated panel which is adhered to the surrounding frame profile giving a completely flush finished door. The result is a sleek, elegant contemporary door, again in a choice of colours, with even more styles of panel to choose from.
We have one of these doors installed in our showroom in Snetterton, Norfolk and we would welcome you to visit so that you can have a look and feel!

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