Safety glazing basically means one of 2 types of glass which will not cause harm in the event of breakage.

All glazing deemed to be in a ‘critical location’ must comply with one of the following;

a)      If the glazing breaks, it will break safely,

e.g. toughened glass (this is heat treated so it will shatter into lots of small pieces if it breaks) or laminated glass (which is 2 or more panes of glass stuck together with an adhesive interlayer – like a car windscreen)

b)      Choose glazing that is one of the following;

        i)        Robust, i.e. the thickness of the glass is the right thickness for its size (please ask for details)

        ii)       It is in small panes

c)       It is permanently protected by a screen which has a minimum height of 800mm


Critical locations are as follows;

  • Any doors

  • If the glass line is less that 800mm from floor level,

  • If the window is within 300mm of a door and 1500mm from floor level, 

  • If the window is in a stairwell.

All toughened glass must be marked with an approved kite mark to denote that it has been produced to the required standard.

Options Glazing Ltd will always include a minimum of 4mm toughened glass (which is safety glazing) in all doors and in all critical locations of window, to ensure we adhere to these regulations.